The exceptional effectiveness of the Big Carp range of bait is the result of the combined knowledge and many years of experience of two well known carp anglers, John Llewellyn and John Baker.  John Baker (bait and flavour specialist and author of the bait chapter in the legendary carp book ‘Carp Fever’), created the very first english carp bait company in 1978 (!) called Bait ’78. John has been involved in the research and development of bait for over 35 years and he is recognised across europe as a specialist in this domain.

These two anglers have more than 80 years experience between them and they have used this experience and their knowledge to select only the very best and most attractive ingredients.  Big Carp baits have been extensively tested in England and across Europe and these are top quality, highly attractive carp catching baits.

John Baker

“I am extremely proud of this range of products which contains numerous products that are unique and exclusive to Big Carp.  owe our excellent reputation to the exceptional catches made by anglers all over europe.  I can recommend Big Carp products tn total confidence because I use them myself with absolute confidence, knowing that I am using the very best carp catching baits available….”. John Llewellyn

John Lewellyn